Obey The Brave – ‘Young Blood’


‘Young Blood’ is the debut album from Obey The Brave, released 28th August on Epitaph Records. The album includes breakdowns, catchy guitar riffs, gang chants and memorable choruses.

Opening track ‘Lifestyle’ starts with some beefed up guitars before the drums kick off and the screaming starts. At this point I’m thinking the whole album will have distorted guitars and breakdowns just like any other metal album; until the next song ‘It Starts Today’ introduces a catchy little guitar riff and an even better breakdown.

The breakdowns and awesome melodies only get better as the album goes on until you get to the interlude entitled ‘Grim’ where you’ll think “Why is this on a hardcore/metal album?”.

‘Burning Bridges’ is the perfect end to the album with the clean vocal chorus leaving you singing along even after the song has finished.

Overall, the entire album is full of exciting melodies, heavy breakdowns and brutal guitars. A few songs have similar breakdowns which can feel a bit repetitive after a while, although I’ve listened through it a few times and can’t see myself getting bored anytime soon!

You can check out the album now on Alternative Press and you can pre-order the album now on iTunes.

Check out Obey The Brave on Facebook for more information on the band and album!



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