The Dark Knight Rises


The Dark Knight Rises has been one of the most anticipated films of last year, and is the final instalment of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. The film had a hard task following the release of Marvel Avengers which was released back in May, but it has to be said, both films lived up to their massive expectation from the audience.

The main idea throughout the Dark Knight Rises is that Batman has finally met his match: Bane. Throughout the film Bane is intent in destroying Gotham City and is there to test Batman on a physical and mental level. Many sources suggest that Bane is Batman’s first real threat. Bane is best known in the Batman comic book series for breaking Batman’s back, which indeed happens in The Dark Knight Rises. This then follows on to the story of Batman then rising back up to power after being so brutally injured.

For the first section of the film you see Bruce Wayne having to use a walking stick to get around. This then reveals that he hasn’t been Batman in the last 8 years. Personally I believe this is good for the audience because throughout the whole series Batman has refused to reveal his identity so that the public believe that anyone can be a hero. And now for the first section of the final film he is just as vulnerable as everyone else and the audience watching, which really does send the message across to everyone that anyone really can be a hero.

The Dark Knight Rises also sees the appearance of Anne Hathaway playing the wonderful Selina Kyle. Her character is largely based upon Catwoman, and this is definitely visible throughout the entire film. She fits the character perfectly with her sleek mannerisms and flexible moves. There was much debate as to whether she would be a significant character in the film and a few days after watching it most what she does in the film is still solidly fixed in my mind.

We then see a completely new character, Mirander Tate played by Marion Cotillard. Tate is a character who comes and simply twists everything up unexpectedly, even though at first she isn’t classed as a main character she is more important than you think, but I’m not going to spoil the story for anyone who hasn’t already seen it. Another character who isn’t at first noticed as main part of the story line is John Blake who is tremendously played by Joseph Gorden – Levitt. He begins as a police officer simply doing his job and seems to be the only person who still believes in Batman.

On either side of The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan directed The Prestige and Inception which are both incredible films about identity, masks and lethal and morally confused games. This is also some of the main themes throughout The Dark Knight rises and it seems that through these films Nolan has perfected the art of identity and morally confused games.

I would recommend anyone to go and see The Dark Knight Rises as it is a truly incredible film that has many twists, sometimes great, sometimes unexpected. Something I didn’t notice about the film until a few hours after is that you don’t actually see Batman do that many stunts. That shows how incredible the film is when the hero doesn’t have fly or jump from anything high or just do any general stunts to make the film good and action packed. I’m not going to give any more away, you will just have to go and check it out!



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