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Everything on Red – Hearts Music Video

Everting on Red

  Formed in early 2007, Everything on Red play their own unique brand of punk rock. Switching from rapid rhythms to anthemic breakdowns in a heartbeat, frenetic drums and solid bass-work provide the backbone for electrifying synths, crunching guitars and a triple-pronged vocal attack.   Combining the energy and drive of punk rock with crunching… Read More

New Shadows Chasing Ghosts Music Video


Brand New Shadows Chasing Ghosts music video for ‘Resist’   If you haven’t already heard of London post-hardcore/screamo band Shadows Chasing Ghosts, you soon will. They’re ready to blast their way into your ears in 2010, with plans for more tours and record releases   They formed in 2008 and quickly built a following, playing local… Read More

Blink 182 have returned!


  Punk Rockers Blink 182 have begun their much anticipated with the brand new video “Up All Night” from their upcoming new Album “Neighborhoods” which is being released Septemeber 27th  

F O A K – Welcome To My City


                                        The duo have had a love for Hip Hop since their early teens, and as they’ve grown they have developed a style which incorporates that genre with conventional Manchester music. Add to that their audacious… Read More

A Poetic Yesterday – The Movie


Drawing on influences from punk, grunge and good old fashioned rock, the band recently signed a two album deal with Banter Music and describe their current sound by saying ‘If Nirvana, Blink 182 and Four Year Strong had babies, A Poetic Yesterday would be the result’.

Captain America: The First Avenger Review


Whenever it comes to classic comic book heroes coming to the big screen there is a major worry that sends a shiver down every single fan’s spine: “Will it stick to the original story?”. We as fans love watching the classic origin stories of our favourite superheroes and will lash out in outrage when we see something that is not coherent with what we know and love (let us try to forget Wolverine: Origins’ shameful depiction of Deadpool)…

Filming without Time Code

canon 5d

So a couple of weeks ago my boss and I went to London to film at a snazzy restaurant. I was very excited but didn’t think anything of the way we would be filming, I simply thought we would get the amazing beast of a camera – the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, out of the case in which I had been guarding with my life on the tube, point it at the subject and press record…

Recording Drums on a Budget

drum kit

Micing up a Drum Kit on a Budget. So…someone has left their acoustic kit in the studio for the night. What do you do with it when no-one is watching? What any sound/drum enthusiast would do, set the beast up, mic it up, press record and away you go. However all this sounds amazing, not… Read More

Rhythm & Booze – APY Review


Anybody out there fancy a blast of high octane in your face pop-punk/grunge? Well if so you could do a whole lot worse than to checkout the brand new single, The Movie: Director’s Cut from ballsy, infectious four-piece A Poetic Yesterday.

A Poetic Yesterday – The Movie: Director’s Cut


‘The Movie: Director’s Cut’ “APY are good at writing hooks and their music is permeated with big juicy ones from start to finish!” – Kerrang!” APY harness power and melody perfectly” 4/5 – Big Cheese Magazine “Kick Ass!” – Bruce Dickinson Rock Show, BBC 6 Music The Movie: Director’s Cut is the hotly-anticipated new single… Read More