Introducing: The Courtney John Project


One of the most moving and electrifying award winning writers, Courtney John returns with his eagerly awaited collaboration The Courtney John Project, with long time producer-cohort The Wizard and Grammy winning musician Steven “Lenky” Marsden.

To say the album is a step outside music’s comfort zone would be an understatement. The Courtney John Project is an audio journey that is one part Kingston mash up, one part euro-electronica and is 100% provocative in its approach to contemporary music. Add John’s trademark lover’s rock melodies and you have the birth of a new music genre– Rootstronic. Their fresh sound coming out of Jamaica is in its own lane artistically and the three “Kingstonians” are inviting listeners to join them on this ride.

“The Courtney John Project is a place where musicians can be brave and not have to worry about their expressions. It’s totally outside of the comfort zone,” explains Courtney John.

Listener’s first taste of the Rootstronic sound is found with the breakout single Soul Of A Man. The electro-heavy, adventurous engineering of The Wizard and John’s unorthodox vocal delivery on Soul of A Man will surely surprise fans expecting that familiar sound. The moody and sonically charged follow up single Very Special is reminiscent of John’s 2009 hit Lucky Man with a darker, more edgy spin in its production. Haunting declarations such as “I’ll kiss the ground you walk on, I’ll be the door you knock on” are woven throughout Very Special like ghostly echos, while the bass-heavy futuristic beat is something you can feel in your bones.

Lenky’s precocious piano playing adds a touch of dub into this experimental project; he becomes the alchemist adding the final touches that blends this musical masterpiece together. However, it’s The Wizard that takes command of the albums overall direction, producing all of the tracks on The Courtney John Project. A true musical Wizard is revealed as if her performer name is evoked with every song– guiding fans using rhythms as her device. The trio is completed with Courtney John who takes on the role as the charismatic vocal leader, directing the masses like an orchestra conductor.

The Courtney John Project will be released internationally on the FiWi Music Label on April 30th 2013.

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