Introducing: Truly Ford


Introducing Truly Ford; an 18-year-old dynamo! She has the looks, the voice, and astounding songwriting ability. She writes all her own material and plays the guitar on all her tracks.

You can listen to her latest track on YouTube here: and listen to her other tracks here:

Musically drawing inspiration and comparison to artists such as Tracy Chapman, Laura Marling and Lucy Rose, her unique vocals, both sultry and melancholy, have been compared to those of Florence Welch, Lana Del Rey and Amy Macdonald.

Having recently performed storming sets at Kensington Roof Gardens, Kings Cross Surya and the Cornersop, Truly enigmatic live performances have her pegged as 2013’s “Next Big Thing!”

Truly is currently signed to BGM Ltd and is working on material for her debut EP “SuperNova”, as well as gigging in and around London.



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