The Avengers Review


This may have been one of the most anticipated films of 2012, many fans swaying between whether it would be a massive flop or whether it would thrive and become one of the biggest action/sci-fi superhero films yet.

I have to say, sat there in the cinema, popcorn in hand, waiting for the lights to dim and the trailers to start, I was a little nervous in case it had just been hyped up too much and I wouldn’t enjoy it, maybe it was just too hard to make all these massive characters come together and work.

But it did work. It worked surprisingly well; this film lived up to my expectations and even went beyond them. Not only was this film packed full of action, it was also funny, and not in a cheesy way either, in a laugh out loud with the rest of the audience. It was clever.

I thought the characters were brought together well, all being recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D to try and save the world from war with Loki, who was so nicely evil, and the small cube of light made up of powerful clean energy that could potentially destroy the world, the tesserac.

Worries that one character might outshine the others were soon brushed off because, even though they are all different and bring different strengths and different skill sets to the table, they soon learn how to work together to become an unstoppable team to save the world.

All the individual films before the Avengers were all connected in a way that, as an audience, we may have had some insight that the avengers was in the pipe line, with stark industries popping up in each film and S.H.I.E.L.D making an appearance in Thor and Iron Man, in Hulk Tony Stark himself was in the end of the film and Stark’s dad was a key character in Captain America.
All these films introduced us to each hero, and gave us their background stories which allowed us to become familiar with their key strengths and even what their “kryptonite” is before the Avengers being released. We started rooting for them and became their fans.

Working together with all these strong male leads was female character Black Widow, who definitely didn’t shy away into the background, and while yes she may have been there for easy viewing, in my opinion, she was just as strong as the male leads.
She was a powerful and intelligent female character and certainly not just a maiden in distress, she could handle herself in a difficult situation, even helping save the day by taking a risk and going for the kill. There aren’t many female heroes in action films these days so Black Widow is a nice change.

There was no lack of action scenes throughout the film, even a few between the avengers themselves, but it wasn’t overdone, the narrative was strong enough to deliver the action, the scenes were filmed to a tee and did not disappoint.
I think that this film is definitely one to watch for 2012, there aren’t many films that make me want to watch it again not long after stepping foot out of the screening, but this was one of them.

One thing I still can’t decide on though, and that’s which Avenger is my favourite!



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