NECK DEEP confirmed to support BLINK 182 on August 8th!

11 NECK DEEP 2013 by Alex Gregory

It’s fair to say 2014 has been a whirlwind year for Wrexham’s Neck Deep so far. The pop-punk quintet have released their debut album, ‘Wishful Thinking’, completed sell-out headline tours of the US and UK, adorned front covers of magazines both sides of the pond and already started to pick up awards for their troubles too.

Introducing SOLEMN SUN and premiering ‘Josef’


Feeling a little lost and unsure of the path you’re walking is one thing, having the vision and strength to do something about it, is another entirely.

Earlier this year, folk-punks Jim Lockey and The Solemn Sun found themselves at that very junction, having released two full length albums under the moniker, the band opted to lay their previous works to rest and regroup to make plans for the next step.

Introducing: From Day One


From Day One are a new UK alternative band unashamedly influenced by the 1990s US punk revival that heralded Nirvana and later, The Foo Fighters.

Introducing: BoyMeetsWorld


Forget the 90’s coming of age television sitcom that comes to mind with the name, BoyMeetsWorld. BoyMeetsWorld, the band, is here to erase those thoughts and show you that drive and belief in your self is everything you need to succeed.

Introducing: Life Unwritten


Hailing from Birmingham, 5 piece metal-core outfit Life Unwritten are pushing hard to make a name for themselves and to become one of Birmingham and the UK’s finest. They take influences from some of the world’s most notable Metal-core bands such as Suicide Silence, Bring Me The Horizon, Veil of Maya, Northlane, Heart In Hand, Parkway Drive, Architects and Glass Cloud.

Introducing: OneGirlOneBoy


OneGirlOneBoy release their new 7 track EP on June 24th. They have also released single ‘Wasted’, taken from the EP.

Introducing: Raglans


Formed in a festival tent in 2010, Dublin based 4 piece band Raglans launched the same year. Raglans blaze a trail of muscular new wave guitars, gritty pop melodies and uplifting indie folk arrangements that hops, skips and jumps with a skill and confidence far beyond their short lifespan.

Introducing: Talk In Colour


With the early incarnations of the band dealing in purely instrumental music, it is no surprise that the vocal led material present on their latest EP brings with it a rich and intricate pallete of instruments. Extended intro’s and expansive riffs give way to delicate and moving lyrics in a melee of syllables and sounds.

Introducing: Hallencourt


Hallencourt, a quintet from Cardiff, burst into the hardcore/metalcore scene during the late winter months of 2012. Since then they have been performing live across the country, including a UK tour with Avenge The Heartache, and a planned UK tour with Districts in November, as well as a support slot for Vanna, Odessa, and Surrender The Coast.